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How to Identify Corporate Training Needs in Your Organization

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Did you know that over half of all businesses in Canada have reported skill gaps in their workforce? That means that there are potentially some employees within a company that are overqualified for their jobs. At the same time, there are individuals working in roles they are underqualified for. 

You should ensure that everyone is operating at their appropriate level. It's important to identify corporate training needs to address these skill gaps. Your employees shouldn't have to walk each other through every step of the workday. 

Here's how to identify these employee training needs and correct them.

Consider the Roles of Your Trainees

Before conducting corporate training, you should consider the roles of your trainees. Take the time to understand what is expected of them in their current position and how they can grow into that role. This may also depend on the individual, such as if you're eyeing someone for a promotion or horizontal movement within the company.

For example, one trend you may have seen is the pursuit of nontraditional candidates to diversify a company's talent. This is further fueled by employees pursuing jobs outside of their area of expertise. Even if they have skills that will benefit their future, it's still important to fortify the basics. 

Conduct Performance Reviews

Once you know what to look for, you can conduct performance reviews. Think about all the different skills that are needed in a certain role and assess how well each individual displays them. 

One area to consider is "soft skills." These skills are things like interpersonal communication skills, social skills, and people skills. Improving upon these skills set can help an employee work with both clients as well as their coworkers.

On top of that, there's also team development. How well do your employees communicate with one another, and does this lead to increased productivity? 

You'll then want to engage in employee feedback to hear more about what they want to learn more of and to discuss their shortcomings. Monitor employee engagement to see how dedicated they feel toward their job. 

See What Gaps Exist in Skill Level

After your performance reviews, you should be able to see where there are gaps in skill levels between your various employees. Maybe one individual needs more experience working with a team while another needs management training. 

For example, a great communicator is self-aware, actively listens, and can read body language. They also know how to have concise conversations without omitting information or explaining too much. 

Identify Your Corporate Training Needs

Organizational training should boost employee performance and their capabilities at work. However, you'll first want to identify their needs before you get started. You should also find out what your company requires to succeed as well as what is needed in your industry. 

Coursetter can help you with all of your organization's training needs.

Our online training courses cover performance reviews, public relations, risk management, and more. Contact us if you're interested in learning more about our courses and if you need to set up custom training. 

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