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Customized Corporate Training Programs in Edmonton, Alberta

Today’s professional environment is constantly evolving and becoming more competitive, so retaining talent and investing in your employees is imperative in achieving corporate success. If you want to take your company to the next level, you may need a training solution tailored to your company’s specific needs. Coursetter in Edmonton provides custom-made corporate training courses for a diverse range of businesses in addition to our standard course list. Count on us for providing the perfect customized skills training programs in Edmonton which are available across Canada.

We believe in collaboration and our goal is to help you succeed. We will work with you to define:

  • The challenges your company faces
  • Your training needs and goals
  • How you can maximize your potential
  • The content and length of the program
  • Any adjustments to training material
  • Location, date and structure

Customized Training and Resources

Because Coursetter collaborates regularly with various industries, we can provide reliable and valid training solutions for your workplace.

Skill Level

Every audience is kept at the forefront when we create our training and resources to ensure that all skill levels are being engaged.


We have a wide variety of courses designed for every business. Some of our courses are:

  • Budgets and Managing Money
  • Building Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
  • Building Stronger Sales Relationships
  • Business Leadership: Become Management Material 
  • Skills for Administrative Assistant
  • Skills for Service Advisor
  • Starting a Small Business

These are just a few examples. Tell us about your specific requirements and we’ll design the right customized skills training program for you here in Edmonton.


Check out our full course catalogue here.

Class Sizes

We can accommodate a wide range of class sizes from 1-5 people or 10-500 people.


Coursetter will travel to your location to facilitate training.

Flexible Scheduling

Our goal is to provide flexible training sessions that meet your real-world needs.


The Advantages of Corporate Training

At Coursetter, we understand that you're always looking to enhance your operations and help your employees achieve their best as an employer. We provide customized corporate training programs in Edmonton designed to have a positive transformative effect on your employees, teams, and organization. 


We invite you to consider the following benefits that our corporate training courses in can offer:

  • Employee Development: Regularly hiring new employees and training them can be expensive and it can lead to skill loss as the older, more experienced employees leave. Investing in training a trusted team of employees means building on and enriching the skills that pre-exist in your company. This can lead to a renewal of motivation, efficiency and new ideas. Employees that feel that they can grow within your company are more likely to remain on board over time.

  • Identify Challenges & New Opportunities: Your team or organization might have some practices or habits that could be holding them back from achieving their best. With our custom corporate training, you can address these weaknesses and help you eliminate them in a positive way.

  • Boost Team Morale: Participating in team training can help your employees come together to work to develop their individual and collective skills. By its nature, corporate training can help employees achieve a sense of value, which boosts their morale. Participating in a shared activity with their fellow employees can also help bring the team together.

  • Improved productivity: Lastly, all the benefits of our custom corporate courses in Alberta will come together to enhance your productivity. After the culmination of our training, your employees can use their newly established skills to achieve the desired results both personally and professionally.  


Contact Us Today

Please contact us to learn more about our custom training programs or to book a consultation with a member of our team. We are eager to help your business succeed. Upskill your team with unique skillsets from our training programs today!



We will collaborate with you to design a training program that specifically addresses your organization’s needs.

We will collaborate with you to design a training program that specifically addresses your organization’s needs.

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