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The global pandemic ushered in a wave of significant workplace changes. Millions left their jobs in exchange for more flexibility and control. The traditional office model was shaken up, allowing workers across the globe to seek more autonomy in their careers...

If you count yourself among the group of workers seeking to make a change, we can help. In this article, we'll explore a few important steps to take if you're looking to upskill and change careers. But first...


What is Upskilling?

The fast-moving nature of industry and technology has created a gap between the skills of the workforce as we previously knew it and the skills needed to execute in today's economy. Upskilling helps to fill that gap.

Upskilling is the process of learning new skills and completing additional training to advance a current skillset. Upskilling will look different for everyone depending on the sector or workplace in question.

So, what are some steps someone can take to go about building on their current qualifications?


Invest in Training

If you're planning on changing careers to a similar field, your current employer likely has training modules available to you to help sharpen your current skillset.  You can ask your employer what modules or development resources might be available to you.

In addition, many online training courses exist outside of the workplace for you to take advantage of. You can search through a multitude of online education training options from a variety of industries and topics. Online courses are a great way to personalize your development at a pace you're comfortable with.


Explore Podcasts

We live in a highly digital age where educational information is available on multiple platforms. Podcasts are one particular resource platform worth mentioning for your upskilling journey.

There are well over 48 million episodes of podcast content available for listening today. Much of the information on podcasts is provided for free. Podcasts provide an avenue for you to learn relevant information either quickly or on the go. You can tune in on your morning commute or absorb a new topic while walking on the treadmill.

Your options for learning through podcasts are nearly endless. You can pick and choose from career-centric podcasts or topic-adjacent for your upskilling journey. In fact, we’ve recommended some podcasts before. Be sure to check out our Top 5 Leadership Podcast Recommendations.


Participate in Webinars

Attending virtual or hybrid events online is another great way to add expertise to your resume and engage in professional networks outside of your usual circle. Virtual webinars and events are an excellent way to learn from others, all from the comfort of your home.

If you're looking to expand your job skills while working full-time, attend an online webinar. Webinars or online conferences are a great way to squeeze in new ways of learning and collaboration at your own pace.


Looking to Change Careers? Upskill with Coursetter!

The process of finding a job or changing careers can be made easier when you've upskilled your expertise through any of the above tips. Whether you're switching from software engineering to human resources or starting your own business and want to brush up on modern communication skills, upskilling can help you transition and thrive in any industry!

If you're currently looking to change careers or re-enter the workforce and want a leg up on the competition, set yourself on the course for success with Coursetter. We offer a wide range of business courses and training to help you succeed.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more. We'd love to help customize your upskilling journey for your future success!


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