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business woman working from home on her laptop learning from a customized coursetter training course

Stress can increase the risk of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. When you work from home, the stress can be higher than in the office due to increased meetings and lack of face-to-face time.

That doesn't mean remote workspaces can't be productive; it just means you have to work harder to keep them productive.

Keep reading to learn how customized training programs in Edmonton, among other strategies, can help your employees who work from home reduce stress.

Sign Them up for Customized Training Programs in Edmonton

If your work-from-home employees reside in or near Edmonton, you have to enroll them in a customized training program to enhance their skills. By spending money on improving their skills, your employees will become more competent. This will help them feel more confident that their position is here to stay.

There are programs for reducing the stress they can take if they're having a hard time managing that. Talk to them, find out what areas they need help with, and support them in all possible ways.

Encourage Them to Take Breaks

Taking breaks helps to increase productivity and creativity. They also offer employees a chance to look away from their screen and walk around.

If you're their manager, encourage them to get up and walk around at least once an hour to keep them working at their peak without causing them too much stress.

Schedule Meetings at Different Times

A remote workforce usually means different time zones. If you have meetings that are always scheduled at the same time, you may be sticking one employee with a meeting every week at 11 pm their time. Consider the time zones employees are in and make sure you're respectful of changing meeting times.

This way, everyone has a chance at fair meeting times

Be Fair to in-House and Remote Employees

Throwing a pizza party or going out for drinks to improve morale doesn't work as well if half your team is remote. This doesn't mean you can't do those activities. Instead, you need to be creative about how you include your remote employees.

If you're going to throw a pizza party, be sure to coordinate with your remote employees and have pizza delivered to them as well. If you're taking the team out for drinks after a win, consider sending your remote employees a gift card they can use to go out as well.

You can even have a remote happy hour where everyone gets on the zoom call and talk about anything except for work.

Reduce Your Employees Stress Today

Now that you know how customized training programs in Edmonton and encouraging them to take breaks can reduce your employee's stress, implement those changes today!

If you're unsure what type of training they need or want more information about our programs, please contact us today! We can create customized programs that fit your needs and puts your employees at ease.


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