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Effective Team Building Activities for Leadership Development

Team members join hands during an outdoor fun activity.

The best leaders aren't found at the top of resume pages or with a string of impressive qualifications below their name. Leaders are a bit like diamonds. They are made under pressure.

That's why outdoor activities for team building can be a great way of helping your senior staff learn more about how they lead people.

With that in mind, we've compiled this list of some of the best leadership development activities in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Take Part in a Community Project

Boost team bonding by taking part in a community project.

Volunteering offers more than a standard training session because your team gets to give back to others. Plus, it helps put their skills to the test in a real-world scenario that might be different from their more familiar office setup.

Leaders can develop creativity skills and how effective they can be at leading teams.

Raft Building

Cold water and complicated construction work will put any team member under pressure, which is why raft building can be an excellent activity for leaders.

It requires problem-solving and plenty of compromise - if you don't want to sink to the bottom of the lake!

It's a great way of allowing your leaders to direct teams through a challenge requiring physical and mental strength.  

Build a Free-Standing Structure

You might have seen this activity before as the spaghetti or marshmallow challenge.

While the names might differ, the principles of the challenge don't. It's an activity that demands innovative thinking to build a structure with limited resources that can balance something on top.

This option is a good activity for creative teams or project managers. Plus, you can get multiple teams to compete for the best solution.


Orienteering allows your team to enjoy nature, get some gentle exercise, and strengthen their teamwork skills. Orienteering teams use maps and compasses to explore complex and unfamiliar woodland terrain.

Teams will face decisions on which route to take, and the most effective teams will often find a strong leader in their midst to guide them through the forest.

Wilderness Survival

A wilderness survival challenge is more manageable than it sounds.

These are often supported workshops where teams will work under the support of a guide to learn survival skills. They must achieve some basics, like lighting a fire and creating a shelter from natural resources.

Participants will find it enjoyable and rewarding, and it will help them learn ways of developing resilience when faced with challenging scenarios.

Mountain Biking Race

A great way to get some competitive spirit going is through a mountain bike race.

You can group people into teams and add checkpoints along the route. Teams will discover endurance and perseverance they might not have realized they possess.

Outdoor Activities for Team Building

Teams aren't always harmonious. Sometimes, it's best to get away from your usual environment and put team building and leadership skills to the test elsewhere. Use these outdoor activities for team building to inspire you. 

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