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As a business team leader, manager, or HR consultant, you know just how important it is to reduce employee turnover. Screening and hiring employees is a process that consumes both time and money. You put in the effort to ensure you find the right candidates for the job, but how do you ensure they stay with your company?

If you have a high employee turnover, then it might be time to revisit the planning board. There are ways to ensure your best employees stay with you for many years to come. To learn the best methods for reducing employee turnover, continue reading below!


The Work Environment & Company Culture

First, you should take a step back and examine your work environment and company culture. What is this like in your place of business? The company culture should have a focus on your employees' happiness.

When you place effort into keeping your employees happy, they'll be more likely to stay there and be more productive as well. If your work environment or company culture is failing, then this should be the first thing you improve upon.


Lack of Appreciation & Recognition

It can be difficult at times to remember to focus on the good and not the bad. As a team leader or manager, you may feel the need to constantly acknowledge the wrongdoing of employees, but forget to offer them appreciation and recognition where needed. Although it's important to correct errors, it's just as important to show your appreciation and recognition when your employees do something right.

Create an employee recognition scheme, which might include bonuses, perks, incentives, and simple "thank you's" and "well done's." Doing so will help boost employee morale and encourage them to work harder for your business and with each other.


Relationship with Manager

A good manager needs to have great leadership skills. It's not always easy leading a team of several individuals. Employees will look for specific skills in a manager, such as fairness, approachability, motivation, knowledge, and more!

If many employees under the same manager are choosing to leave, then it may be time to improve management/leadership skills. A strong manager can help build a great team with superb employee morale and productivity levels.

Feeling Overworked

Once an employee feels overworked/burnt out, their productivity levels will begin to decline. If this is something that continues for an extended period of time, then they very well could begin looking for a different job. Work/life balance is essential for everyone, including yourself as an organizational leader.

If a business doesn't offer a good work/life balance and flexibility to their employees, then it could create high employee turnover. Managers should keep an eye on workloads, scheduling, and team-building activities to prevent this from happening.


Prevent Employee Turnover

If you or your managers need to improve on certain skills, then don't feel discouraged. Everyone needs a refresher or upskill from time to time and taking the opportunity to focus on professional development on a regular basis is rewarding on many levels.

At Coursetter, we can help enhance your skills. You can build on your team building, communication, and leadership skills. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customized training, online training, courses, and more!


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