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engaging with your team over a laptop while working from home

Are your remote employees struggling to perform? Do you find your team less engaged or willing to participate while working from home?

Remote work is on the rise but ensuring remote employee engagement can be challenging. Now is the time for companies to learn strategies and tools to combat these challenges.

Wondering how to improve employee engagement? Keep reading to discover our top five tips to make sure your employees are engaged, productive, and happy!

1.) Use Communication Tools

Use employee engagement tools to ensure communication stays as open as possible. This will reduce friction in the business and encourage productivity.

Make it easy to talk with Instant messaging apps like Slack, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. There are options suited to every business. Encouraging a cameras-on policy during video calls helps too. It typically makes employees feel more engaged, connected, and more like they are part of a team.

Using task management software helps employees focus on tasks. Examples are Asana, Monday, and Trello. It also reduces the number of time managers need to spend checking in on tasks. Instead of micro-managing, encourage transparency and empowerment amongst your team!

2.) Meet Regularly (To Talk About Anything Other Than Work!)

Regularly having non-work-related conversations is essential for remote employee engagement. Arrange virtual coffee breaks with your team to catch up on their personal lives outside of work.

Nurture employee relationships with team-building activities like games and events. There are even online scavenger hunts and trivia contests!

Need inspiration for spicing up your meetings? There are many unique employee engagement activities you can try.


3.) Offer Online Training

Give your company’s engagement and retention a boost by promoting continuous learning and development. Upskilling your employees not only gives them the tools they need to succeed, but it also pays off for your business.

Coursetter offers an extensive list of training courses for organizations. Communication, management, and leadership skills are even more crucial when working remotely. Make sure your employees have the knowledge they need to be set up for success.


4.) Provide Remote Benefits

Even if your employees are working remotely you can still offer global benefits. This makes your employees feel appreciated, which leads to increased engagement.

Bonuses are great, but not all benefits have to be financial. Encourage productivity by offering flexible working solutions and discounts on co-working spaces. Nurture the health of your employees by offering perks relating to fitness, groceries, and health insurance.

Subscriptions like Spotify and Netflix are great global options with affordable company packages.


4.) Ask for their Feedback

Give your employees a voice by allowing for anonymous feedback. This makes your employees feel recognized and heard. It also allows you to identify any issues before they become bigger problems.

There are many common issues that could come up in employee feedback such as not having adequate resources at home. The sooner you can address these issues, the better it will be for your team’s engagement and performance.


Boost Remote Employee Engagement with Coursetter

When it comes to remote employee engagement, different things will work for different teams. There’s no one size fits all, and it’s something that needs consistent work and nurturing.

Find a solution for measuring employee engagement to check your progress over time.

Set the course for success for your company and teams with team-building workshops from Coursetter. Coursetter courses are created by experts from leading industries to provide results. Get in touch with us to learn more today!

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