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listening to a podcast while working on laptop in edmonton

You might be surprised to learn there are approximately two million podcasts globally. Therefore, it's understandable that finding the right podcast for you might be a challenge.

Many people listen to podcasts to laugh, stay informed, or follow sports, but many also listen for motivation and advice. Perhaps you're searching for just the right podcast to guide you on your path to professional development in Edmonton.

This brief list will highlight five of the best podcasts to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to be a better leader, so keep reading to learn more.


1. HBR IdeaCast

HBR Ideacast is a weekly podcast that focuses on one specific topic covered by the Harvard Business Review. The podcast features a variety of industry professionals sharing their insights on leadership. No matter what your field of interest might be, you will undoubtedly find knowledge from other leaders worth savouring.


2. WorkLife with Adam Grant

The WorkLife podcast focuses on one thing above all: how to make your work life more enjoyable. Our daily livelihoods are filled with no shortage of stressors, setbacks, and frustrations. Organizational psychologist Adam Grant consults professionals of all kinds for tips and wisdom on how to stay productive and positive through it all.

From handing negative criticism to battling the effects of burnout and languishing, WorkLife will help you stay open-minded and assertive in your leadership pursuits.


3. The Tony Robbins Podcast

Helping you develop leadership skills is quite literally Tony Robbins' key specialty. Robbins is a famed entrepreneur and business strategist who regularly courts paying audiences to hear him speak. In his podcasts, he focuses on helping you overcome your internal barriers and set your team up for success.


4. This Is Your Life

"Intentional Leadership." That simple phrase is the key focus of Michael Hyatt's leadership podcast, dedicated to helping you gather passion above all. Both inspirational and humorous, this podcast sets its sights on helping you frame your professional development within the greater context of what you hope to achieve with your life.


5. The Nice Guys on Business

Perhaps strictly motivational leadership podcasts aren't quite your speed. If so, The Nice Guys On Business might be a perfect match for you. Each week, the hosts Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner set out to show the world that kindness and empathy can be a leader's most valuable traits.


Further Enhance Your Professional Development in Edmonton

Podcasts can be a helpful tool to learn valuable wisdom and knowledge throughout the day. However, there exist even more beneficial options for helping you develop your leadership skills.

Coursesetter's customized skill training programs are some of the best courses for Professional development in Edmonton has to offer. These courses are built with you in mind to work exactly to your strengths and weaknesses. No matter your specialty, contact us today and let us guide you toward becoming the leader you know you can be.

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