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employee motivation

Do your employees seem low, disengaged, and lacking motivation? Many business owners do not know how to keep their employees motivated, which can cause all kinds of serious issues for a company.

Motivating employees can improve individual and business performance. It can also help to create a positive company culture and reduce staff turnover and absenteeism amongst other benefits. The benefits of motivating staff at work are clear, but how can you do it? Read on to discover what employees truly find motivating at work.


Employees will feel engaged and motivated when they have power and influence in the business. You do not need to give them a senior position, but it is proven that involving staff in decision making is an effective way to motivate staff. It is also helpful for bringing new ideas to the table!


Positive Feedback

Genuine positive feedback can make a massive difference to motivation levels. It can also help to develop stronger relationships. Despite this, many managers shy away from positive feedback - this can result in staff not feeling valued and lead to low morale and high staff turnover.

You should not wait for performance reviews to give positive feedback. Even a simple "good job" or "thanks for your hard work" can improve the work-life of your staff.


Professional Development

Most employees are ambitious and will want to develop and progress in their careers. If you do not offer progression opportunities, motivation levels will fall, and they will look to move to a role where they can progress.

This is why you should listen to the goals of each team member and offer professional development opportunities. This could include development courses in the area that they are interested in – check out our course catalogue to learn more.



It is also important that staff feel that they are achieving things at work in the short and long term. The happiness and satisfaction that you get from completing a task or making a target can provide a real boost.

This is why goal setting remains such an effective motivational tool and a way to keep employees focused. Just make sure that you are setting goals that are challenging but achievable so that they can relish the satisfaction of hitting their targets.


Work-Life Balance

These days, work-life balance is hugely important for staff and key to their happiness. Employees that have a healthy work-life balance will come into work feeling happy, motivated, and recharged. This is why flexible working is key for keeping staff happy and energized.



Feeling good in the workplace requires having positive relationships with colleagues. Teambuilding is an effective way to motivate staff, create positive relationships and improve the workplace atmosphere.

Team-building events can be useful, but often it is the informal social events and discussions in the break room that are more effective for building positive relationships.


Use These Motivating Strategies to Boost Your Team

Motivating employees is vital for long-term business success. Despite this, maintaining high levels of motivation at work is a massive challenge. These are a few of the best strategies that should improve performance, create a positive workplace atmosphere and lift your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how we could help you to get the most out of your team.


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