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The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Business Leadership

Emotional intelligence can be the key to whether you create a positive work environment for your employees or not. Not everybody can do this easily, with 53% of managers being challenged in one area of emotional intelligence.

With some bosses creating a toxic workplace environment, it is important to know what you can do to prevent that happening in your workplace. To better understand that, here is the role of emotional intelligence in business leadership.

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Recognizing Employees

Emotional intelligence can help you understand as a leader how important it is for certain employees to be recognized for their efforts. This is especially the case if they have not gotten a raise or more benefits for these efforts.

About 57% of employees said that feeling recognized at work would make them less likely to listen to another job offer. In other words, giving out recognition as a leader helps make your employees feel happier and more appreciated in the workplace.

Calming Presence

Another thing that you can do with good emotional intelligence is provide a calming presence to your employees. Let's face it; you never know exactly what employees are bringing into the office from their personal lives.

A family member could be sick; they could be going through a divorce; their neighbourhood may not be the safest place to live, there could be some major financial issues, etc.

The point is that your employees could have a lot on their plate as is. Being a calming presence can help employees avoid having additional stress on their plates. Also, you can be looked at as approachable to discuss certain issues.

An example can be if an employee wants to take a little time away from work to help with a sick relative. With a calming presence, you can make the proper arrangements with this employee and help them manage the stress that they are feeling.

Proper Motivation

Finally, having good emotional intelligence as a leader means that you should have a good idea of what motivates your employees. About 47% of employees in Canada are dissatisfied with their job, so you need to figure out a way to make them satisfied.

You could take some time to learn how some of your employees operate.

Do they like the idea of a vacation? How about a bonus at the end of their cheque? What about a perk such as going home early one day?

Knowing how to properly motivate your employees is one of the best signs of a good leader. Also, knowing how to hype up your employees to succeed in a big project is an additional sign.

Learn More About the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Business Leadership

These are just a few of the ways that the role of emotional intelligence in business leadership plays its part in a good leader. To have good business leadership, you need to know what makes your employees tick.

This includes how to properly motivate them, how to calm them down in a stressful situation, and making sure that they feel recognized for their efforts.

Do you want to learn more? Reach out to our team at Coursetter and get the training you need to use emotional intelligence to manage your team.

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