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How Leaders Can Provide Employees With Growth Opportunities

Life. It is something where you should be looking to grow and prosper. Unfortunately, not all employees feel like they have growth opportunities at their current jobs. About 43% of Canadians are looking to switch jobs within a year. On top of this, 61% of companies in Canada do not think they can retain all of their employees.

If you are one of these companies, you may be wondering what you can do. Well, one thing you can do is provide team support by encouraging career growth.

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How do you do this? This is your guide.

Views From Behind the Scenes

One thing you can do to encourage employee growth is to give them a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes. Show them what other members of your have to do to help ensure your company's success.

Then, try to connect the dots and explain how this all goes together.

An example could be that you have a team of writers that are writing for an online newspaper. The writers may submit articles to the editors and publishers but then go home.

One day, you can decide that you are going to show the writers what goes on behind the scenes when it comes time to put your paper together. It can give them an appreciation of another team's perspective and see how important it is to all work together.

Finding Mentors

Another thing that you can do is encourage employees to find mentors. Or, you can encourage veteran employees to look after a new employee.

Doing this can help for a few reasons. New employees can get molded by someone that is reliable and dependable on their career path. Also, they can get a better idea of what they are in for.

As for veteran employees, they can have a bigger purpose with their job and perhaps have a fire lit in their bellies to encourage team building themselves.

These results tend to show up in their work performance too. About 89% of employees that have a mentor say that their colleagues value their work. This drops by 14% for those without a mentor.

As a boss, you can even become a mentor yourself. You can be someone that can encourage employees to stick through a hard time and guide those with potential down a path where they can move up in your industry.

About 40% of Canadians quit their job because they have a bad boss. So, just by being a good boss, you can help retain your employees and show them what is out there.

Encourage Growth Opportunities

These are some growth opportunities that you can provide to your employees. Show them the role that other teams play in your company to give them a bigger scope of how your company is successful.

Then, encourage new employees to find mentors and veteran employees to guide newer employees. Also, do not be afraid to take on that mentor role yourself.

Growing starts from within. Are you ready to grow? Message Coursetter to find out how to get started.

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